Friday, 29 June 2012

the edge of the week

these images were taken in the office, not on holiday, shoot. the good news is, the week-end is nearing and i'm happy i'll be getting together with some old friends over dinner for a farewell (and possibly a pool day the day after to cure any possible hang-overs). i like that these photos are so serene and peaceful looking and pure. that's not how i'm feeling lately; there's much movement inside and i can't seem to find the best way to tackle this; my mind and i are not the best of friends these days. the shitty modes of transport in this city has a lot to do with how i feel amongst other 'post-modern, existential' worries, sounds very 'nouvelle vague' doesn't it? damn you post-modernism! you've mashed-up all our ideas and roles and our perceptions... all i need is gitane cigarettes puffed away to complete the cliche now. which i'm not going to do, promise. i'm just going to go look at the sky, calm down and be happy that it's friday. and that's that.

Monday, 25 June 2012

learn from the children

a week-end filled with lessons learnt from children. it always amazes me to see how much they're in touch with their bodies and needs; feelings are expressed immediately with pure honesty, no censorship and the fact that they never, ever stay angry or miserable for a long time, wonderful. not to mention the fact that they look exceptionally sweet right after they wake up in the morning. there were multiple scooter, tricycle and four-wheel-drive rides in the garden with two little ones holding to each other, really cute. the sea was intoxicating and refreshing, the sand was soft and silky and the food was fresh and summery. but i missed my cat and my home (i'll not say a word about missing the city and the morning crowd and the soggy lettuces). let's all have a good week.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

wisdom of little moments

there are days when all you need is a cute sight that brings air, hope and breath into life. the ordinariness of everyday life has so much power, however we-the humans (because obviously, animals are very good at being in the moment, with no worries about the future or past) keep on missing and bypassing the littlest things and sights. i do that much too often unfortunately these days. but this morning something woke me up. a little sight that held so much pureness and naivety in.

a conversation with a wise friend accompanied by excellent music at the background can work wonders too, that's what i did last night, it was ace. ah, and also, the prospect of meeting with the girls this week-end and the beautiful children i'll get to swim with brings a huge smile to my face. it will be brilliant. look at these little feet.
(the rest are my experimenting with the iphone). have lovely afternoons everyone.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

pottery love

i thought of a blog post where i needn't use my camera as i still can't get it work. so, i've picked pretty things to look at- for me at least. i'm a massive pottery lover, i have a nice collection of old pottery pitchers and jugs that i might photograph some day for the blog. but, in the meantime can you just look at these? all selected from the world of etsy:  

via this etsy shop
via this etsy shop
via this etsy shop

via this etsy shop

via this etsy shop
via this etsy shop
via this etsy shop
via this etsy shop

Monday, 18 June 2012

not a domestic goddess

i had some problems with my camera, therefore failed to document a post i had in mind which was kind of more thematic than this. on the other hand, there's something that looks like a very promising thematic activity over the week-ends for me: ironing. i mean heaps of it and for hours. while this new understanding of 'going back to domesticity' theme is making some women on the blogosphere look spectacularly good (with their home-made pickle making skills and sewing adventures), i am suffering. and i'm jealous. the dilemma.

in the meantime, istanbul at the background was grinding and buzzing. honestly, i can almost hear the vibrations of the city. so i went out and walked in it and contributed to the buzz. i came back and made myself a frozen yogurt with pieces of fresh peaches in. my domestic endeavours are -as you may already have noticed- far from being sophisticated but that yogurt was delicious, with a hint of cinnamon on top. here are some completely irrelevant and random snaps (these wooden guys at the last image are from my grandad which i absolutely adore: a team of a bottle opener and a wine opener).

Friday, 15 June 2012

days of burnt orange

'days of burnt orange' is how i call these days... or rather how they start off as mornings and grow into early evenings. i call them that because each day, i see the early morning light in my living room and instantly visualise a round, hot swirling ball. in colour burnt orange. i'm happy it's summer. i'm not so happy i'm not somewhere where i can forget about shoes or hair brushes. summer for me is always about counting down to holidays and to off-days and this summer is no exception. i need showers taken in open air, moments spent sitting and doing nothing and i am counting down to these.

images below from last summer (from the time when moments were actually spent sitting doing nothing, staring at a big rock, touching and feeling  nature, diving into nature, floating on nature and sleeping on nature). i know there's a pattern here. do you also feel summer living is easy as the song suggests? because it certainly feels that way to me; light and lazy and versatile. maybe it's just me.

(photo credit: my lovely friend zahira)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

things that grow in my house

tended to my greenery during the week-end. some fast, some with more fuss, but they are growing and it's  such a delight to watch that happen. i'm especially very proud of my ferns. i rescued them before they dried off about two years ago and placed them in my kitchen where there's abundance of light and it worked out very well, they are healthy-and the cat can't get to them. 

other than that, my pile of  'to be ironed' laundry grew exponentially. and i'm not proud. that's what i call an 'effortless mess', it just grows by itself. i'm usually not a messy person but it gets properly chaotic when there's the winter to summer wardrobe swap. girl talks, girl walks, girl meets people, eats out, eats in, eats fruits, listens to firends, girl goes to bed, cat plays with flies, cat sleeps and the swap gets postponed. end of week-end. to be continued.