Monday, 18 June 2012

not a domestic goddess

i had some problems with my camera, therefore failed to document a post i had in mind which was kind of more thematic than this. on the other hand, there's something that looks like a very promising thematic activity over the week-ends for me: ironing. i mean heaps of it and for hours. while this new understanding of 'going back to domesticity' theme is making some women on the blogosphere look spectacularly good (with their home-made pickle making skills and sewing adventures), i am suffering. and i'm jealous. the dilemma.

in the meantime, istanbul at the background was grinding and buzzing. honestly, i can almost hear the vibrations of the city. so i went out and walked in it and contributed to the buzz. i came back and made myself a frozen yogurt with pieces of fresh peaches in. my domestic endeavours are -as you may already have noticed- far from being sophisticated but that yogurt was delicious, with a hint of cinnamon on top. here are some completely irrelevant and random snaps (these wooden guys at the last image are from my grandad which i absolutely adore: a team of a bottle opener and a wine opener).

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