Sunday, 10 June 2012

things that grow in my house

tended to my greenery during the week-end. some fast, some with more fuss, but they are growing and it's  such a delight to watch that happen. i'm especially very proud of my ferns. i rescued them before they dried off about two years ago and placed them in my kitchen where there's abundance of light and it worked out very well, they are healthy-and the cat can't get to them. 

other than that, my pile of  'to be ironed' laundry grew exponentially. and i'm not proud. that's what i call an 'effortless mess', it just grows by itself. i'm usually not a messy person but it gets properly chaotic when there's the winter to summer wardrobe swap. girl talks, girl walks, girl meets people, eats out, eats in, eats fruits, listens to firends, girl goes to bed, cat plays with flies, cat sleeps and the swap gets postponed. end of week-end. to be continued. 

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