Friday, 15 June 2012

days of burnt orange

'days of burnt orange' is how i call these days... or rather how they start off as mornings and grow into early evenings. i call them that because each day, i see the early morning light in my living room and instantly visualise a round, hot swirling ball. in colour burnt orange. i'm happy it's summer. i'm not so happy i'm not somewhere where i can forget about shoes or hair brushes. summer for me is always about counting down to holidays and to off-days and this summer is no exception. i need showers taken in open air, moments spent sitting and doing nothing and i am counting down to these.

images below from last summer (from the time when moments were actually spent sitting doing nothing, staring at a big rock, touching and feeling  nature, diving into nature, floating on nature and sleeping on nature). i know there's a pattern here. do you also feel summer living is easy as the song suggests? because it certainly feels that way to me; light and lazy and versatile. maybe it's just me.

(photo credit: my lovely friend zahira)

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