Sunday, 3 February 2013

colour and colour-less

this morning.

to make a come-back to the blog and to be not so crap at keeping at this - and to make use of the bright, unexpected, warm sun shining through the house - i took some photos.

i'm wondering since when my wardrobe acquired so many dark-coloured items? two of these dresses were kindly handed down to me from a close friend which are more than appreciated, because i simply don't enjoy spending money - or time - on purchasing nice black dresses at this stage in my life. but i need to wear them from time to time to work. so, thanks ayca! the third one was retrieved from my huge pile of clothes that were about to be discarded; i promise i'm not that monochromatic (my cat is, though). to prove the point i had to capture some of below colourful things - which also proves that i've been up to good: knitting, reading, etc. i've knitted a scarf and now making a nice warm wool jumper (will definetely be ready by next winter). also, i had some crafty people around me lately: a friend has made this wonderful bracelet, it's a symbol of good luck in the new year for me. and some other talented friend quickly knitted that baby blanket i've designed and it will hopefully find its tiny new owner soon. it's been progressively peaceful around me and within me. i've new books lined up for reading, i'm seeing friends, going out more and already feeling the nearing spring! 

so, have a lovely monday (try, no?).

'siddharta' by hermann hesse

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

all the greens unite! *

first blog post of the next 365 days which we mortals call  'a year' and hope that it will bring better things to us. here's to hoping it will and also to having full trust in whatever it will lay ahead. i'd like to call this new year 'the rise and the fall of the mind'. why? because i'd like to make an effort -and an attempt- to gradually put aside the worrying, planning, (self) judging, conditioning mind and replace it with the heart that fully absorbs the present without worrying about the future. sorry, no new year's resolutions from me :).

in the meantime, i'm finding joy in below mundane things that are green. the book is the turkish version of James Agee's 'A Death in the Family', hope you don't mind the morbid title, i've picked it as it's a beautiful book with a really (green) nice cover.

* wintery version

Thursday, 27 December 2012

making an appearance

i know it's been a looong time since i've last written on this little blog of mine. in that period of time i've had a change of job (good-bye long hours of commute to work) and a camera to fix and a pc to get working- exactly in that order. i had frustrating moments of not being able deal with the changes in my life as i wished, that's something to add to the new year's resolutions. it's been busy at my new job and i've needed some time to get well adjusted into this new rhythm. drank way too many cups of coffee and tea. in the meantime i've learned to operate my tele-control properly, watched numerous episodes of Dexter and old movies, knitted a scarf for myself (that i'm going to show you soon) and had a visit to my sister in milan. shame i didn't have the technological means to document any of these. nice. here's a photo of how the coolness of early winter revealed itself. to be honest, i can't say i've absorbed it fully - something else to add to the new year's resolutions- other photos prove the fact that home is where i've been. promise a more exciting post with better photos in the coming days.

Monday, 12 November 2012

is it winter yet?

ok, photos taken with not enough light obviously, all indoors and maybe even a bit boring and girly; wool slippers and all... so, what if i spent the whole week-end indoors (my bed to be exact and honest, actually) and ate simple and non-cooked stuff right there (it's called 'raw food' in a more trendy, new age and hip world but i'll be honest, mine was pure 'uncooked'), and we can call the 'bedroom dining' and 'lunching'  'bed picnicking' maybe? - here you go, a new term introduced- and spent hours catching up on downton abbey and trueblood (oh jesus, why did you have to die?) and crocheting away at the background, pretty exciting stuff eh? yep. i'm ready for the winter, bring it on...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

dreaming india

i'm dreaming india... and in between my dreams and day-dreams these outdated newspapers have appeared at my work to remind me about the power of dreaming. dream on...