Tuesday, 29 May 2012


coming home from work to put my feet up in peace but instead finding my mind delightfully wandering around complex feelings and ideas about life and whether defining 'what we don't want' is still a good way to eventually arrive at 'what we want'. i've decided that's not a good idea anymore. bringing conditions into wants and wishes that is... have a lovely evening.

for curious eyes

istanbul has the potential of making your eyes go funny sometimes. it did to me over the week-end.
the crowd, the colours, the constant stimulation, the whole mishmash (and the mismatch). it is quite beautiful really, but overwhelming most of the time.

some simple breakfast, coffee with a dear friend-didn't know about dita von teese collaborating with perrier, asked mr.google, it says an ad campaign sexy and sensual of some sort- didn't see the reason to investigate further but i like the design nevertheless. ended up spending an afternoon in an utterly maddening crowd in the busiest part of the city and don't see the reason behind as all i can think about these days is to flee istanbul and this chaos. well yes, it kind of sucks you in, there's no escape.

Friday, 25 May 2012

reflections from a day off work

i can say it's been quite productive yesterday. the day consisted of catching up with practical things and reorganising stuff in my home.

i've realised whenever i do that - reorganise stuff- i ponder upon the matter of 'hoarding' or 'accumulating' stuff, by means of calling them collections. i know for a fact that this runs in my family, especially my mum's side. we love collecting things. my mum had a keyring collection when i was small, she had them on display in the living room and i loved looking at each and every piece again and again; a very well crafted brass truck or a cute little compass, a red painted ornated deer... i remember my granddad starting a paper napkin collection for me and my sister when we were only wee little girls, i still have the collection and hopefully i will share these retro beauties with you when i manage to take good photos of them. the list can go on as each family member (let's say except my dad who actually hates anything second-hand or vintage and tends to throw 'unfunctional' things away when you're not looking) has their own little collections going on.

i remember a couple of years ago i had a moment of cleaning frenzy and ended up throwing away my wine bottle cork collection which now of course i regret immensely. but, isn't that mentally dangerous? i mean just to collect away? when should we stop? aren't we supposed to 'let go' of things that are weighing us down? (by no means it is weighing me down, for god's sake i'm collecting stones!!!) we are not defined (but we are) by what we own, so why have attachments to things? do you also feel attached to certain objects and collect things as well? it's safe to say that we all love memories in some way and these are ways to bring them back. i will think about this, strange creatures we are, human beings.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

laundry and tea

well, a true end-of-spring-marching-towards-summer day finally. it's been so warm and lovely.

honestly... i just had to run out to save all the laundry i hung outside right after i wrote above words... it's pouring down with lightning (i obviously wash more than four pieces of clothing, so, yes i had more after the below photos were taken). so much for a summer weather. it turned into an on-the-couch-with-a-warm-cup-of-tea night. and it's ok.

so, here's a quick 'what i'm hanging' post to make things a bit interesting:
purple sock (from my sister), bra (h&m), pot holder (present from my granny's dear friend jale), a cleaning cloth (random).

Sunday, 20 May 2012

not so sunny sunday

wait, i'm just trying to get into this blogging thing, slowly...i've realised it may be a challenge to stick to a theme in a post and write about it when your mind wants to go all over the place. i will be blogging about mundane things though. here are a few images from around here...

i tried to eat healthy and thought about continuing with my cross stitching, ended up not doing it, lit candles, searched the interwebs for the perfect summer sandals (that will fit my ridiculously small feet) and found some really shiny, colourful ones, they put me right in the summer mood which doesn't match with how the weather's been acting here in istanbul lately, it's ever so gloomy and rainy (hence the candle-lighting ;)).

this is what i'm doing, via here
via here

via here

Friday, 18 May 2012


it seems i've been obsessed with two things as of late; pot plants and frames.

i've been spending some time arranging my pot plants in my apartment and searching for new ones. for three week-ends in a row i went around like crazy trying to find the perfect and colourful pots and now that i've calmed down, i'm quite happy about how it turned out although i'd like to add some more succulents in my plant corner.
p.s: and there's nothing wrong with stealing a leaf or two from friends or places you know to start your own plant :)

i've grabbed these three pictures from a frame shop just around the corner from where i live. they obviously made a clean up in the shop and wanted to get rid of the abandoned ones by putting them outside, he told me to take as many! so i came home with five pictures that day. these are the ones i really like. a lot.
have a lovely week-end!!