Thursday, 21 June 2012

wisdom of little moments

there are days when all you need is a cute sight that brings air, hope and breath into life. the ordinariness of everyday life has so much power, however we-the humans (because obviously, animals are very good at being in the moment, with no worries about the future or past) keep on missing and bypassing the littlest things and sights. i do that much too often unfortunately these days. but this morning something woke me up. a little sight that held so much pureness and naivety in.

a conversation with a wise friend accompanied by excellent music at the background can work wonders too, that's what i did last night, it was ace. ah, and also, the prospect of meeting with the girls this week-end and the beautiful children i'll get to swim with brings a huge smile to my face. it will be brilliant. look at these little feet.
(the rest are my experimenting with the iphone). have lovely afternoons everyone.

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