Monday, 24 September 2012

hey laziness!!

yes, you. you always come uninvited and insist on doing your thing, which is actually not always 'my thing'. you start a civil war on the borders and don't leave without any loss or casualties. stop invading my space and stop patronising me with your bullshit about not judging you and all that new-age terminology of yours. and no, my big mountain of laundry ironing on a sunday does not give you the privilege to be here, so go away.
ok, feel better now...

Friday, 21 September 2012

all the greens unite! *

in these photos you can't see a bunch of green grapes that had been hand-picked just before, because we ate them. this is from a few days ago, a time spent with friends on the beach, playing - mere minutes before a scrumptious souvlaki feast. the greens are a pick of each person and all are from the same garden. i love them, and the greens. a good reminder of the last days of the season.

* brought to you from 'the sweet land of  olives, figs and grapes'

Thursday, 20 September 2012

mindless bliss

i've been away. again. yes, i've noticed that too: getting away seems to be a natural inner push for me these days. with a sudden but certain drive i've found myself on a bus and then on a ferry slipping into one of my favourite places. beautiful times: calmness and the laze of the ending season, flowering trees, crystal clear sea, even more ripened figs and short & peaceful morning rain drops; all too perfect and all too imperfect at the same time, a pure relaxation. as a consequence, the busy city with all its busy people in it is making me a bit too uncomfortable at the moment. suffice to say, istanbul's back on its regular 'moving and shaking' and i'm back in it getting dizzy, giddy, wobbly and shaky. i think i'm too small for this city and i reckon i need to get out. again.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

she's gone away

i know i haven't written for some time. i also haven't used public transport, shoes, hair brush or house keys. this is different than how i usually live (ok, maybe the non-hair brushing is a permanent thing) but i came back with full trust and a big appetite for change (well, also super ugly cracks on my dry heels, and an unkempt house that needs a serious clean up but i'm ok with that) and this past week-end i had the chance to run away from the city yet for another time. destination: south of turkey on the aegean coast; only for two short days and they were spent with mum, best friend and a toddler who has the best personality, cutest looks and the fortune to live with two gourmet cooks (literally) who happen to be her parents, how lucky! some pictures below tell the story of these delightful meals we've had. obviously i've ended up eating too much of that wonderful sour bread. now i'll get home to my huge big laundry pile that needs attending to.