Friday, 29 June 2012

the edge of the week

these images were taken in the office, not on holiday, shoot. the good news is, the week-end is nearing and i'm happy i'll be getting together with some old friends over dinner for a farewell (and possibly a pool day the day after to cure any possible hang-overs). i like that these photos are so serene and peaceful looking and pure. that's not how i'm feeling lately; there's much movement inside and i can't seem to find the best way to tackle this; my mind and i are not the best of friends these days. the shitty modes of transport in this city has a lot to do with how i feel amongst other 'post-modern, existential' worries, sounds very 'nouvelle vague' doesn't it? damn you post-modernism! you've mashed-up all our ideas and roles and our perceptions... all i need is gitane cigarettes puffed away to complete the cliche now. which i'm not going to do, promise. i'm just going to go look at the sky, calm down and be happy that it's friday. and that's that.

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