Tuesday, 28 August 2012

'up and down' in the valley

from within; within the nature, within the inner nature, within the journey, within the path.
all well here; ups and downs of the valley. stillness and calmness that may turn into a violent wind. all beautiful and lots of gratitude.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

land of bliss

it's blissful and it's soft and easy and peaceful - so am i.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

cat days

i had two little kittens as house guests last night to look after to. ever so tiny and helpless. i've picked them from the street, they're no more than a couple of days old and with no mum in sight- needless to say, it was a sleepless night. hopefully, they will be united with a nursing cat today. it's challenging trying to find someone who can look after them 24/7 and other nursing cats that are around can be quite moody with these little ones as well, i just hope they will survive these critical days. unfortunately couldn't manage to take a photo of them, had my hands full.

all these reminded of the time when my friend marta came visit me in istanbul about nine years ago and we went on a stroll along the bosphorus. it was then when we spotted a kitty that was way too playful and friendly. marta insisted he came home with me (thanks a million marta), i couldn't resist and here i am with my cheeky, understanding, sensitive, friendly, determined, relaxed and playful cat. he's almost nine now. i love the way he keeps me company, he's fully present and always at the door, ready for a cuddle when i'm back home. here he is, when he was a wee little thing and what he grew into.

i-phone photos by dear adrian

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

all quiet

these images are from last sunday and have been taken around my neighbourhood. an early morning rain washed over the streets; clean, quiet and fresh. i was on my way to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. why i'm posting photos and having a difficulty putting words to them? well, because i've no words lately and i'm contained with excitement on my escape from the city. there's some sort of a word-less feeling, a way of expression, or maybe i'm just a bit tired of expressing thoughts and feelings in a conventional way. whatever that means :). have a nice afternoon.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

caution: slowing down

let the holiday preparations commence! got my necessities ready, to be packed later during the week. i turn into a very organised version of myself every time i go away somewhere; so here we are, i've been a busy bee- with a very interested and curious cat on my tail. now, slowing down.

notes to self: need more bottoms and no more tops / get the flea drop for the cat earlier in the season, not when it's party time for the flea eggs / if you need to be in your underwear while doing it, that means it's not the best time for ironing / black is a colour too.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


we still wake up to this kind of sky here in istanbul, it's wonderful but what i need is more of it (sorry if that sounds a bit arrogant); i will be needing more starry nights as well, stars that will be gazed at from open space in nature, all the different hues of sunrise and sunset too- i made a promise this morning to take in all that i'm surrounded with and appreciate it all once i'm in the nature (that includes eating as many figs as possible too) - i know, i sound desperate but i promise to shut up about it once i'm out of city limits.

some greenery update: i got a new pot plant, the purple one-don't know what it's called; it was sitting at the dry cleaner's window so i asked the guy for a small branch (my granny told me it always makes better plants when you 'steal' it from someone) which he was happy to oblige, so here it is, he says it's a type that grows quickly, we shall see. and i am very happy with these two little ones; i can almost watch them grow if i look close enough. some bigger scale greenery here, seen on a slope from city centre and a lush suburban area close to the black sea.