Tuesday, 29 May 2012

for curious eyes

istanbul has the potential of making your eyes go funny sometimes. it did to me over the week-end.
the crowd, the colours, the constant stimulation, the whole mishmash (and the mismatch). it is quite beautiful really, but overwhelming most of the time.

some simple breakfast, coffee with a dear friend-didn't know about dita von teese collaborating with perrier, asked mr.google, it says an ad campaign sexy and sensual of some sort- didn't see the reason to investigate further but i like the design nevertheless. ended up spending an afternoon in an utterly maddening crowd in the busiest part of the city and don't see the reason behind as all i can think about these days is to flee istanbul and this chaos. well yes, it kind of sucks you in, there's no escape.


  1. so much colour, how mesmerising. Istanbul seems so far away from here (Australia) but it's always somewhere I have dreamed of visiting x

    1. you're right jodi, it is quite mesmerising..thanks for reading.