Sunday, 20 May 2012

not so sunny sunday

wait, i'm just trying to get into this blogging thing, slowly...i've realised it may be a challenge to stick to a theme in a post and write about it when your mind wants to go all over the place. i will be blogging about mundane things though. here are a few images from around here...

i tried to eat healthy and thought about continuing with my cross stitching, ended up not doing it, lit candles, searched the interwebs for the perfect summer sandals (that will fit my ridiculously small feet) and found some really shiny, colourful ones, they put me right in the summer mood which doesn't match with how the weather's been acting here in istanbul lately, it's ever so gloomy and rainy (hence the candle-lighting ;)).

this is what i'm doing, via here
via here

via here


  1. I'm loving your posts so far, keep 'em coming. Glad to meet a fellow plant lover :)

    1. thank you shauna.. aww, i've got a follower, exciting!! :)