Friday, 18 May 2012


it seems i've been obsessed with two things as of late; pot plants and frames.

i've been spending some time arranging my pot plants in my apartment and searching for new ones. for three week-ends in a row i went around like crazy trying to find the perfect and colourful pots and now that i've calmed down, i'm quite happy about how it turned out although i'd like to add some more succulents in my plant corner.
p.s: and there's nothing wrong with stealing a leaf or two from friends or places you know to start your own plant :)

i've grabbed these three pictures from a frame shop just around the corner from where i live. they obviously made a clean up in the shop and wanted to get rid of the abandoned ones by putting them outside, he told me to take as many! so i came home with five pictures that day. these are the ones i really like. a lot.
have a lovely week-end!!

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