Tuesday, 1 January 2013

all the greens unite! *

first blog post of the next 365 days which we mortals call  'a year' and hope that it will bring better things to us. here's to hoping it will and also to having full trust in whatever it will lay ahead. i'd like to call this new year 'the rise and the fall of the mind'. why? because i'd like to make an effort -and an attempt- to gradually put aside the worrying, planning, (self) judging, conditioning mind and replace it with the heart that fully absorbs the present without worrying about the future. sorry, no new year's resolutions from me :).

in the meantime, i'm finding joy in below mundane things that are green. the book is the turkish version of James Agee's 'A Death in the Family', hope you don't mind the morbid title, i've picked it as it's a beautiful book with a really (green) nice cover.

* wintery version