Sunday, 3 February 2013

colour and colour-less

this morning.

to make a come-back to the blog and to be not so crap at keeping at this - and to make use of the bright, unexpected, warm sun shining through the house - i took some photos.

i'm wondering since when my wardrobe acquired so many dark-coloured items? two of these dresses were kindly handed down to me from a close friend which are more than appreciated, because i simply don't enjoy spending money - or time - on purchasing nice black dresses at this stage in my life. but i need to wear them from time to time to work. so, thanks ayca! the third one was retrieved from my huge pile of clothes that were about to be discarded; i promise i'm not that monochromatic (my cat is, though). to prove the point i had to capture some of below colourful things - which also proves that i've been up to good: knitting, reading, etc. i've knitted a scarf and now making a nice warm wool jumper (will definetely be ready by next winter). also, i had some crafty people around me lately: a friend has made this wonderful bracelet, it's a symbol of good luck in the new year for me. and some other talented friend quickly knitted that baby blanket i've designed and it will hopefully find its tiny new owner soon. it's been progressively peaceful around me and within me. i've new books lined up for reading, i'm seeing friends, going out more and already feeling the nearing spring! 

so, have a lovely monday (try, no?).

'siddharta' by hermann hesse