Thursday, 27 December 2012

making an appearance

i know it's been a looong time since i've last written on this little blog of mine. in that period of time i've had a change of job (good-bye long hours of commute to work) and a camera to fix and a pc to get working- exactly in that order. i had frustrating moments of not being able deal with the changes in my life as i wished, that's something to add to the new year's resolutions. it's been busy at my new job and i've needed some time to get well adjusted into this new rhythm. drank way too many cups of coffee and tea. in the meantime i've learned to operate my tele-control properly, watched numerous episodes of Dexter and old movies, knitted a scarf for myself (that i'm going to show you soon) and had a visit to my sister in milan. shame i didn't have the technological means to document any of these. nice. here's a photo of how the coolness of early winter revealed itself. to be honest, i can't say i've absorbed it fully - something else to add to the new year's resolutions- other photos prove the fact that home is where i've been. promise a more exciting post with better photos in the coming days.