Wednesday, 3 October 2012

future in a cup

this is last sunday. a day with the girls (i know there's a slight cleavage theme going on in these photos, although not intentional i quite like it now) with too much coffee, not enough time to catch up; definitely need more days like this. we've managed to visit several neighbourhood coffee shops in just a few hours and i've managed to get a cup reading, a classic ritual: my life's changing in the good sense, all obstacles are clearing off my way and there are quite a few trips i'm going to take soon-all to nice and warm places i hope :). women's obsession with the cup reading in this country is beyond limits; doesn't matter how hip, unconventional, nontraditional or modern you think you are, you just put that coffee cup upside down-and annoy and harass (or beg, if needed) a friend nearby to read it for you, as if your whole life depends on that. silly, i know but we like it a lot!


  1. Replies
    1. traditionally, after you drink your coffee you turn the cup upside down, wait for a while then read the images that are in the cup and on the plate. fun.