Monday, 1 October 2012

a trip and a full moon

packed a little little bag and set off on a bus. the full moon turned into a sunrise and i arrived on a little town down south. it's still summer in these lands, but with less people around, so all is very peaceful. the trees are in full blossom and they are so lush at the moment, i felt a bit uncivil stopping by each bush or plant or tree to take a photo (that's strange, no?). here's the rest of the story told by the photos below: food, plants, flowers, sea, nature. this will be a post with lots of photos and not enough words because as i'm back in the city, all is back to busy busy (but i've spent a lovely day with friends yesterday - in istanbul- where i have more photos to share in my next post- we ate a lot).

the time was spent mainly with mum; a nice breakfast, drive around, nice stroll by the sea and a nice dinner before i set off again, this time on a plane, flying out. check this massive moon out, i don't know exactly whether it was yet full or not on friday night and surely my photo is not doing it any justice, it was deeply remarkable. now, real life resumes in istanbul where the skies are gray presently, but not eternally.

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