Friday, 27 July 2012


i'm trying to accomplish exactly that. to be present only in the 'now' which is proving to be quite challenging since this past year, but i am making an effort nevertheless. there are those lazy moments when i need to go back to good memories to hide away safely only to be able to bear a dreadful moment or to worry about the future carelessly out of habit to justify a miserable state i might be in, but i know all the same that the real juice of life is in 'this moment', is in accepting and experiencing whatever there is and knowing that it will too change into something else, it will take another form or a feeling. there has been so many incidents and changes happening around me lately indicating that but still, my mind wants to play games with me and tells me to believe that i should worry about the future because that keeps motivations alive or keep the past as a reference, a source of information. i'd like to ignore it although i must admit it's an arduous job, but i'm stubborn and i do believe that living fully is really about 'living this moment'. 

so, having made the point, at this very moment nothing will stop me enjoy that piece of cinnamon cookie. have a lovely friday everyone.

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