Tuesday, 24 July 2012

a tale of two classics

1. a passage to india
this is my currently favourite scarf/shawl thing and i purchased it at the sales. it's made from indian fabric and has a wonderful texture. will be used the first chance i get during a possibly cooler istanbul night as it's boiling hot at the moment.

2. great expectations
it's actually a fabric that's been hand picked for me in bali by my best friend and it will turn into a nice summer dress hopefully soon (no, i'm not going to come home from work one night and just sew away the fabric magically into a stylish dress while there's ginger bread baking in my oven; it will be done by the very talented/inexpensive neighbourhood tailor).

so, that's double excitement, i'm a girl, i can get excited about things like that. easily. good night everyone.



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