Saturday, 28 July 2012

a little something for me

this little package made me really happy the other day. i spotted these pair of earrings on an etsy shop and decided to order online a couple of months ago. i just received them through a friend (who brought them for me from the states where i had them shipped- long way and long story), so they and i just got united and it was perfect harmony. the packaging, the little note inside the pack written by Kaye and the earrings themselves. i like it that they are made to order and handled by the designer herself, everything feels very personal. i'm proud of myself to have discovered her little shop and i think she's very talented. the shop is called datter industries if anyone would be interested to check her work. off to bed now, i'm massively in need of a mind/foot relaxation and i'm hoping to acquire both by laying my head on my bed. good night. 

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