Monday, 23 July 2012

wise cat

after i've added these photos i thought 'these are a bit repetitive', then i've realised the reason is because when i take photos at my home i tend to get drawn to the same sights, this view from my bedroom being one of them. well, life can also be a bit repetitive too, our routines take over sometimes, although things never stay the same-we never stay the same; accepting all kinds of change is a big part of surrendering to life. i should remind myself that more often. mundane daily tasks are a small fraction of the bigger picture, they draw on the big canvas that's going to turn into a painting. i'm slowly learning that. 

the cat and i have spent quite a bit of time together this week-end, i've cleaned and cooked (let me re-word that: i've 'prepared' some food), hah! he has lazed around, kept searching for the coolest spot in the house and napped right wherever he found it. he has such simple objectives and aspirations in life, adorable and also enviable too, he's a natural born buddha. i, on the other hand, managed to worry about the stains on my table cloth (being the perfect housewife that i am- i.e. see the empty saltshakers), not very wise is it? girl needs a few lessons from the cat.

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