Monday, 30 July 2012

all the greens unite!

i think i will use that theme for as long as i have green things to document in my house. grand opening with the view from the bedroom, couldn't resist it's getting better everyday. the rest happened as the outcome of an it's-so-hot-i-keep-waking-at-the-crack-of-dawn kind of morning. i woke and decided to do something productive instead of drowning in my own sweat, so i gathered all these unrelated objects together. excuse the blur on some photos, it's probably the fog on the lens- it's kind of humid around here. in these determinedly hot and humid days i'm actually not doing much complaining, considering the levels of the heat, as i love hot climes and i feel we're actually blessed with a guaranteed three and a half months of clear skies and warm weather, so it's fine. it's just the office life that gets in the way really.

take a look at that vintage (ehem, from my childhood; so yes, it's sadly classified as vintage now) polyanna book, very sweet, no? i don't know if you're at all interested, but the rest is composed of some of my non-precious jewelry, a pair of cotton socks, beverage coasters and some greek mastic gum (not green, but pleasant enough to look at to be in the picture).

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