Friday, 8 June 2012

love of old books and istanbul

i found these a couple of months ago in a second hand bookstore in istanbul. i was really happy to see there were a number of them as series. i think -except one- the whole series belonged to the same child- i mean 'a child, then'. i don't quite know yet what to do with them as keeping them seemed a bit selfish. i originally thought they'd make a lovely present but now i'm not so sure, i kind of like them for myself :). non-turkish readers can, i'm sure, figure out the book titles from the pictures, aren't they cute? i also have some of my sister's old books- they're from early 80s when she was in middle school. they are simplified french text books which ended up in my house somehow. i will put them up in another post before i return them to her, as i'm sure she'd like to have them back. yes, more hoarding. runs in the family.

i have quite a lot of old books in my bookcase, handed down from everyone in the family. my grandparents, my parents, my sister. they make life pretty difficult when moving house of course but can't see myself giving them away.


i spotted this print on facebook the other day and i'm in love with whoever it is created it. just how precisely can you illustrate istanbul in a better way? it's brilliantly subtle and full of wonderful details. honestly made me feel (a bit) embarrassed by my latest rants about how i want to run away from this chaos. this is it. this is the city i've lived all my life and have had a love-hate relationship with. it breaks you then it mends you, it's magical. this is what makes istanbul what it is and yes, it's maddening but it's also buzzing with life, optimism and passion. well, there can be a thousand more ways to describe istanbul's many faces but i'll stick with this current one. it feels good. and it's friday. it's from this store in istanbul, they are called 'aponia'. i can't seem to find a better link displaying their work but i think i'll be visiting  them this week-end, so i'll find out. have a lovely friday everyone.


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