Friday, 2 November 2012

five of diamonds

this was a beautiful autumn day spent in one of the princes' islands, an hour off the coast from istanbul. we got on the ferry, sat outside, watched the seagulls hovering above and reached this beautiful and green island called 'burgazada'. i don't remember why i haven't been to this particular island since i was a child but i'm happy we chose this one to visit out of the other three; it was truly beautiful. i was a little too much excited about the beautiful, graceful old houses - and felt a bit sad as almost all were shut closed for the winter. we climbed up the hill on a lovely path and made it up just on time for the sunset (see below, it was fan-tas-tic) with amazing views of the marmara sea. i think my excitement was also partly about being able to look at istanbul from a distance with an undivided view, see its dents and its skyline; see it as a quiet beauty.

i found the five of diamonds card on the path to the hill; i've looked it up and the meaning attached to this card is: happiness, success and new things starting, not bad at all. oh, and that i have an inner restlessness, and a dislike for anything routine. what can i say, it sounds about right.

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