Friday, 26 October 2012


contents:  food, lots of sun, friends visiting from around the world, lots of get-togethers, lots of good cooking, a visit to the park, a little concert performed by friends to a small audience of three, lots of figs, lots of sharing, wine, champagne, turkish tea, girl talk, lots of laughs. it's been good.

autumn in istanbul has finally started to show its face, when i say this i mean the temperatures only dropped down to twenties; yes we've been quite lucky lately. there was a very nice visit to one of the princes' islands yesterday which i will be sharing in a different post, i can only say that it was the greatest escape from the city on a beautiful autumn day.

p.s. those two cats i just met lately are special in their own ways; the grey one being extremely funny and talkative while the other is definetely uber-cool.

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