Wednesday, 10 October 2012

a nice change of pace

once again, children are wonderfully wise. they are simple and their wants and wishes are so pure, they  teach you how simple life should be - and could be- and that a sense of spontaneity is not such a difficult state to attain to when you say and do things from the heart. i've had my best friend visiting with her daughter so we had a week-end packed with action, at least for me as there were different kinds of movements at home than usual- and a cute toddler in my bed!! we've managed to do a lot because she's very easy going and quick to adapt.

on a nice sunny day we visited this wonderful museum, it's located on the docks of the golden horn. the kids hopped around in awe and excitement. there are collections of transportation vehicles; beautiful vintage cars, trams, trains, ferries, airplanes and a lot of historical machinery, models and toys. although i've been there before several times, this was the most fun of all. and the highlight of the whole week-end was the moment when us, the intelligent adults, sat the kids on a wall to watch a real helicopter take-off, not a very good idea. a memorable moment though, for us to laugh at our dumbness later. we just hoped that the children are too young to have a memory of the said event.  just hoping.

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