Tuesday, 4 September 2012

perfect harmony

i'm back from the holidays and the moral of the whole story is: there's a surprising amount of nourishment one can receive from olive trees. and fig trees. and oak trees. and from amazing, inspiring people you're with. and from the blue moon. and the salty sand. and the dry wind. and finally the greek yogurt. EPIC. i mean, honestly.

deprived of nature and greenery i arrive on 'the island'. the island that nurtures and caresses and comforts and supports and provides. i am dizzy. dizzy with so much love, wonder, energy and gratitude. nature provides and when we are in tune with it we receive so much. this time my summer break was also about getting closer to nature which i've been absolutely in need of. it has inspired me to the extent that now i know in my heart i'd like to live a more simple life closer to the nature; a proper wish which was growing inside me since some time. the colours, textures and scents of all that i was surrounded with kept reminding me about that feeling which i will not be letting go of.

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