Thursday, 20 September 2012

mindless bliss

i've been away. again. yes, i've noticed that too: getting away seems to be a natural inner push for me these days. with a sudden but certain drive i've found myself on a bus and then on a ferry slipping into one of my favourite places. beautiful times: calmness and the laze of the ending season, flowering trees, crystal clear sea, even more ripened figs and short & peaceful morning rain drops; all too perfect and all too imperfect at the same time, a pure relaxation. as a consequence, the busy city with all its busy people in it is making me a bit too uncomfortable at the moment. suffice to say, istanbul's back on its regular 'moving and shaking' and i'm back in it getting dizzy, giddy, wobbly and shaky. i think i'm too small for this city and i reckon i need to get out. again.