Wednesday, 8 August 2012


we still wake up to this kind of sky here in istanbul, it's wonderful but what i need is more of it (sorry if that sounds a bit arrogant); i will be needing more starry nights as well, stars that will be gazed at from open space in nature, all the different hues of sunrise and sunset too- i made a promise this morning to take in all that i'm surrounded with and appreciate it all once i'm in the nature (that includes eating as many figs as possible too) - i know, i sound desperate but i promise to shut up about it once i'm out of city limits.

some greenery update: i got a new pot plant, the purple one-don't know what it's called; it was sitting at the dry cleaner's window so i asked the guy for a small branch (my granny told me it always makes better plants when you 'steal' it from someone) which he was happy to oblige, so here it is, he says it's a type that grows quickly, we shall see. and i am very happy with these two little ones; i can almost watch them grow if i look close enough. some bigger scale greenery here, seen on a slope from city centre and a lush suburban area close to the black sea.


  1. I like your photos a lot! I like the perspectives :)

  2. thank you krystal! nice to see i have some readers out there:))