Wednesday, 15 August 2012

cat days

i had two little kittens as house guests last night to look after to. ever so tiny and helpless. i've picked them from the street, they're no more than a couple of days old and with no mum in sight- needless to say, it was a sleepless night. hopefully, they will be united with a nursing cat today. it's challenging trying to find someone who can look after them 24/7 and other nursing cats that are around can be quite moody with these little ones as well, i just hope they will survive these critical days. unfortunately couldn't manage to take a photo of them, had my hands full.

all these reminded of the time when my friend marta came visit me in istanbul about nine years ago and we went on a stroll along the bosphorus. it was then when we spotted a kitty that was way too playful and friendly. marta insisted he came home with me (thanks a million marta), i couldn't resist and here i am with my cheeky, understanding, sensitive, friendly, determined, relaxed and playful cat. he's almost nine now. i love the way he keeps me company, he's fully present and always at the door, ready for a cuddle when i'm back home. here he is, when he was a wee little thing and what he grew into.

i-phone photos by dear adrian

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