Saturday, 2 June 2012

this is istanbul on june 2nd.

walked the same little streets, bought the same kind of fruit, had the same coffee, had my toe nails painted bright pink, drank green tea, bought a yellow-ish head band, continued reading paul auster's 'city of glass' and realised it's also june 2nd. in the story- new york on june 2nd and this is istanbul on june 2nd. the daily life of an istanbulite on june 2nd. in the twentyfirst century; sounds pretty insignificant but i believe it actually isn't. we are all constantly recreating realities, rituals, patterns and we are strengthening ways of interaction;  none of this is as trivial as it seems; our little, uneventful daily lives are helping make history, even more so when we constantly share them publicly on a blog i suppose :). 

some snaps from the day. these old LPs are from my parents and they are used and abused believe me, i bore witness as a child. enjoy the rest of the week-end.

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