Friday, 1 June 2012

all the greens unite!

i've made an attempt today to take photos in the day light for the blog, that's a rare case during the weekdays. i woke half hour earlier than usual and came back from work with this idea of displaying some of the green stuff i am surrounded with.

i love green, every kind. i love it in plants, in tiles, in fruits, in socks, in napkins, in jewelry, in furniture, you get the idea. at this point in my life i'm yearning for more green than i ever have- i mean it in the form of grass, lush trees and more house plants, please. i often find myself browsing at gardening and urban farming blogs lately and i admire and respect the people who are making the effort to grow their own herbs and vegetables in whatever small space they have in the city-be it a small balcony, patio or a kitchen counter. i need to remind myself to look into this with more enthusiasm and go get some seedlings. it might actually be really fulfilling spiritually as well because it is about growth and respect and balance. so, to celebrate my 'green awakening' (and just to look at pretty things in my favourite colour) i'm giving you below random objects. in green.

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