Wednesday, 18 July 2012

idle at heart

apologies for disappearing, it's been sort of hectic here with both good and not-so-good things happening consecutively. i feel like life is unfolding with more evident signs each day (signs to what? err, don't know? i'm just watching them) or maybe it's just me being more sensitive; either way i'm finding myself looking forward more to a well deserved break - which i've started counting down to quite a while ago. wouldn't it be groovy if we all could take breaks freely whenever our bodies (or minds) demanded? ok, i'm not going to go into this 'modern slave' idea but i've got a hint i might be one. grrr... what would be the cure to this situation?

1- go watch leaving las vegas (by the legendary mike figgis) and get an idea/inspiration -and courage if you're crazy enough- about burning all your worldly belongings for a new start. ok, not a good one (although an excellent movie) the rest is quite grim, we don't want that.

2- go read the newspaper inside and out, this will help you attain a new perspective about your insignificant needs; the globe's warming is a bit of a problem it seems and the world needs more peace apparently. forget about your worries (can you?).

don't know, i think i'll just go sit on that colourful promotion item i was sent by dhl the other day for a while (it's a beach/hunting/camping chair thingy and looks horrendous in an office environment) and worry about those extra few kilos i need to lose before my holiday starts.

so, here's an easy and light (and irrelevant, obviously) post i had prepared- what i could manage in the midst of all that's going on- a post about a product i love from L'erbolario di Lodi. it became quickly one of my favourite brands, introduced to me by my sister. they make natural beauty products and this body cream is amazing, both fresh and spicy, just the way i like. and i will be taking it with me to my 'summer break'. photographed in a hurry, but with love. enjoy your midweek.

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