Tuesday, 10 July 2012

feasting and books

fat pancakes. that's how my week-end started innocently saturday morning and the feast continued with the arrival of my sister who was visiting from out of the country. we indulged in good food; four girls and a cat. i tell you, you may not guess so, but these turkish dolmas (stuffed wine leaves) go really well with italian salami. and with beer, and with sparkling wine and with home made potato chips :). there were also a lot of walking, laughing, catching up, the customary clothes swapping, touristy finds and the beautiful, knowing, timeless bosphorus at the background. 

going out becomes fun when four girls are trying to get ready at the same time, very teenage-ish, i like it. i also love the objects and the bits and pieces that my sister's friend has in her home and how she puts them together gracefully. there are many books in that house, so each time i'm there i get inspired to read more and faster; and this book 'Civilisation' seems interesting enough, i'm planning to read it; here are the links for both the turkish readers and the non-turkish readers: here and here and i'd like to hear what you think of the book if you've already read it. 

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